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Why Originale Pinsa Romana?


The Pinsa Romana, a real revolution Roman style! Its typical oval shape and handmade structure make it unique and give it a distinctive rustic and original look. This exclusive recipe was conceived in 2001 by the Di Marco family.


The Pinsa Romana offers the gastronomy industry many advantages, here are just a few of them.


– All natural ingredients free from GMO, additives and preservatives

– Healthy – Vegan – Easily digestible 

– Easy preparation

– Less oven time, ready to eat in 2 – 3 minutes

– No specialist staff required, fixed costs save

– High profit margin

– Less space (smaller kitchen required)

– Diverse and varied uses

– No food waste 

– Great taste, light, crispy and airy

– The Pinsa Romana is available in snap frozen frozen and fresh versions


Wholesale and gastronomy


We supply Pinsa Romana in three formats directly from the factory. The product leaves the factory fresh and is delivered to you directly without any intermediaries. Streamlining delivery means we can offer whole sellers and retail customers competitive prices in their market. 



Our Fresh Originale Pinsa Romana formats

Our Frozen Originale Pinsa Romana formats

Packaging and Delivery


We supply Pinsa Romana in various formats directly from the factory. As frozen and fresh variant. The product leaves the factory fresh and is offered by our partner Pomona Suisse AG to wholesalers and retail customers at competitive prices.


We also offer a wide range of accessories for the originale Pinsa Romana.

The minimum order is 10 boxes of 12 pieces. 

If we could inspire you with our Original Pinsa Romana and you want to open a Pinseria or join our courier service pinsa-kurier, we are at your disposal for a consultation.


Delight your guests or customers with this healthy and light product. The diversity allows you to write your own Pinsa story. If you feel like it, write to us.