Our Services

At Hunkeler Distribution we exclusively carry the following brands:

  • Oritinale Pinsa Romana
  • Pinsa Romana Accessories
  • Suppa Salumificio Halal Beef Products from Calabria
  • Suppa Salumificio Pork Products from Calabria
  • Rinaldi superformi Pizza / Pinsa ovens

Our Values


The Pinsa Romana

We distribute the Pinsa Romana exclusively in our markets. The original recipe, name and branding is protected worldwide. So if you want to conjure up the original product on your guests’ plate, then come to us.


Who Are We

We are a well-coordinated international team that does its best for our business partners both Whole Seller and Retailer. We value ourselves as people and sell fine, healthy, exclusive and sustainable food together.



“The Real Deal” – We work selectively, precisely and pursue a win-win strategy in where both us and our business partners experience added value.


Quality Philosophy

We only sell products of exceptional quality. We are always looking for business partners and pay attention to quality, location and image.


Distribution Philosophy

We pursue a qualitative distribution strategy and protect our business partners by not supplying every possible customer. We think carefully about which partners needs which territorial protection and which ones have a positive effect on the overall image of Pinsa Romana and which do not.


Pricing Policy

Our food products are high quality, healthy and handmade. Our pricing policy is reasonable and fair.


Communication Culture

We are very easy to reach and readily available to answer every email, every request within 24 hours at the latest.


Our Customer Pledge

We consider our customers as partners. We value and appreciate them and we strive to strengthen their business through building great relationships and reliable service .



We only include products in our range that we consider sustainable. Working with us our partnerships should be successful for many years to come.


Social Responsibility

We donate at least 10% of the company’s annual profit to various aid organisations.